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Everybody has their own reasons for getting tattoos. Some people do it as work of art on their bodies, while others remember names of their loved ones. Most never think to get tattoos removed, but you may have changed relationships, or desire to get the tattoo erased due to your newfound dislike to it. Many young people seeking jobs in airline industry are asked to remove tattoo before joining and then they have to rush for removal.


Dark protruding spots on skin are called Moles. These occur at any place of the body. Occurrence of moles on face normally bothers most – aesthetically speaking. Large moles may grow hair and are unsightly. Sometimes mole starts growing, bleeding, darkening. Such mole is called unstable mole. Some times moles , especially those more than 1 cm may turn cancerous.

The FDA approved Q-switched Nd Yag laser is used for treatment. In most cases it is difficult to detect where the mark once was. The affected area is exposed to laser pulse and it feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin – as it is in case of any Intense Pulsed Light Treatment. Each pulse treats a small area. It is a non-invasive treatment meaning – no cuts, no wounds, no blood, no pain, no stitches and no down time – one can resume work immediately! One to three sittings are generally required but in some cases multiple sittings are required, which again depends on the age and skin type of the person. This can only be administered by the cosmetic surgeon. Normally there is no Post-operative discomfort except for some temporary symptoms which the cosmetic plastic surgeon will explain.

If mole is thick, it is better to remove by operation in one go and then treat the scar that is left behind with laser and other modalities to fade them.


They are excrescences of skin. They can be viral. All warts are treated together with radio frequency ablation under surface anaesthetic cream. Face and neck are common areas that need treatment. Tiny wounds are left behind which heal in a day or two. The colour match takes time. If you are going on vacation or attending a function, get warts removed at least 7-10 days in advance.



Mole, Wart, Tag removal procedure is applicable to men and women of all ages that would like to eliminate protruding moles that are repeatedly irritated by daily activities. Mole treatment is also suitable for those who feel that removal of facial moles and cysts may enhance their appearance.


Mole, Wart, Tag and cysts are removed quickly and simply on an outpatient basis. A surface numbing anaesthetic is normally applied and left in place for 20-30 minutes. The majority of mole, Wart, Tag and cysts are removed by Laser / RF cautery / simple excision. The residual scarring will depend on your body tendency because surgeon will make best efforts to minimise the scarring.

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