Vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation refers to a surgical procedure to tighten or support vaginal muscles and its structures. The surgery is designed to tighten the vaginal opening and the vaginal canal. The Vaginoplasty is a common cosmetic gynaecology procedure.



One of the most common reasons for Vaginoplasty is that after childbirth, some women do not find the vagina feel and function better. Feeling too loose, stretched out, or not having sensation etc. are some painful points of patients which can be resolved by vaginoplasty.

Many of women experience leaky, itchy private parts. The underclothes are moist most of the time. You don’t feel tight and confident every time. After delivering one or two babies, you land up unhappy most of the times.

First of all, you must wash private parts with soap and water every time you pass urine. Then dry yourself thoroughly and sprinkle a powder like candid or flucos. Special care during monthly course is equally important to avoid infection during that vulnerable time.

If you feel too lose, you shouldstart doing Kegel exercises. They should be done daily and help you tighten up well.

If you still can’t manage to be dry and happy, do visit us.

We will examine you completely to see if your private opening is too big, or muscles have not healed after delivery, thus leaving a gap. If muscles are alright, and the delicate lining is loose, it can be tightened with our fractional carbon dioxide laser. Usually 3-4 sittings done at gap of one month are sufficient to give you lasting results for 2-3 years; especially of you follow hygiene and exercises.

The muscles around there are like a purse string. If they are broken they may need repair. This is a small operation in which we do away with the excess lining, repair the broken muscle and effectively narrow the opening and tighten it.

It is usually a day care surgery and you can go home within 12-24 hours. You will be taught to take care of private parts. It is important to refrain from intimacy for about a month. You can later take fractional carbon dioxide laser treatment for still better results.

This surgery procedure can be with or without laser technology. Usually there is not much blood loss during surgery and most of the patients healed rapidly and can resume their daily activities in a short period of time.

The surgery takes 1-2 hours and can be performed in outpatient surgery center with adequate facilities.

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