M.S., D.N.B.,( General surgery ) M.Ch., D.N.B. ( Plastic surgery )
PLASTIC SURGEON with special interest in cosmetic surgery

Dr. Medha started her career at B.J. Medical College & Sasoon Hospital, Pune. She went on to receive a Masters in General Surgery. She was fortunate to receive guidance from late Dr. M. J. Joshi & Dr. V.G. Joshi. In addition, she appeared and cleared Diplomate of National Board, Delhi in General Surgery.

A remarkable performance in the entrance examination ensured her a place in the reputed Department of Plastic Surgery at the J.J. Hospital where she trained in all aspects of plastic surgery including trauma, burns, facial injuries and aesthetic/cosmetic surgery.

Her thesis topic for the M. Ch examination was “ The Art Of Liposculpture “----It was about liposuction a procedure described to remove stubborn fat through key hole incisions to give good shape to body.

From amongst a variety of options, she chose to pursue a career in Cosmetic / aesthetic Surgery. Nevertheless she has done lot of work in facial injuries and fractures after coming to Thane. Trauma experience at J. J. helped her to help facial injury patients. Dr. Medha continuously updates herself by attending national and international conferences and workshops. She has presented many innovative concepts through her papers presented in conferences.

Establishment of Professional Career

Dr. Medha has special interest in Liposuction and Body Contour

Her thesis on Art of liposcupture was accepted by University of Mumbai for her M. Ch. Examination.

Her Nitin Specialty Clinic is one of the early private clinics which started to provide Body Contour as well as Liposuction to patients .


She has investigated safety factors in large volume liposuctions. She has also shown that patients need to be observed for minimum of 24 hrs after liposuction of more than 5 l and the procedure must be carried out in a fully equipped set up and not in a day care centre.


Women open up to Dr. Medha for obvious reasons. Dr. Medha has done many cases of removal of tissues that accumulate in armpits. In this paper she discussed evolution of her method of dealing with these unwanted tissues.


This was a poster presentation that illustrated how, with meticulous surgery, one can avoid the need of keeping tubes to remove accumulated fluid after tummy tuck. She has shown really large fat apron removals without putting in the cumbersome tubes. This allows early movement and comfort after procedure. Recently her paper on this topic is published in reputed plastic surgery journal.


Unmarried girls who find it difficult to pursue a career or get married are increasing in number. Dr. Medha discussed how 10% weight loss that is advisable for these patients is possible with liposuction. The necessity to address underlying PCOS(polycystic ovary syndrome) that is very common these days is emphasised. Dr Medha has shown improvement in PCOS after liposuction. More research is needed on this issue.

Foundation of Param Hospital

Spreading Beauty and Pride with Param.

From the earliest days of her career as a cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Medha felt the urge to establish a good and safe centre to work. That is why she went ahead with the project of establishing a hospital with the sole purpose of providing cosmetic solutions to patients and clients. The laser clinic was established in 2000 and Param Hospital was established in 2004. The hospital was an initiative which she founded with the help of a few fellow doctors. The hospital situated in Thane, has 35 beds along with 12-bedded ICU. Param specializes in Liposuction, tummy tuck, breast enhancement and reduction, removal of male breasts or gynaecomastia, tightening of vagina,hymenoplasty, female genital surgery, and scar-removal treatment along with Radio Surgery. Since its inception, Param has handled multiple cases with good success.

Dr Medha believes that cosmetic surgery is to achieve balance of beauty and health. Patients should want to have change for themselves. They should not choose surgery for some external gain like improving relationships or job prospects. She also takes part in charitable activities like organizing medical camps for the poor.

Currently lasers she handles are---Q switched Nd Yag, fractional carbon dioxide, diode with fast and smooth hair removal.

Other machines-- radio frequency, IPL, non-ablative radio frequency, ultrasound lipolysis, ultrasound for soft tissue massage.

Dr Medha has held may posts in various associations, written articles about health care system and conducted camps for the needy patients in field of burns, cleft lip, diabetic foot and skin and hair in cosmetic arena.

She has published original articles in national journal and contributed on axillary breast—contouring the axilla in a textbook edited by senior plastic surgeons at international level.

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